Thanksgiving 2018

This last week was such a wonderful week with our family. Thanksgiving is such a big time with our family, my mom & I spend 2-3 days prepping and getting everything ready for the big feast. This year we had our hands extra full since we have a 6 week old and our soon to be 3 year old. It was a big hectic but so fulfilling once it was all over. This year we out did ourselves and did 3 turkeys, all of the sides and held a dinner for 30 people. It was seriously one of the best Thanksgiving’s we’ve ever had. Our family just keeps getting bigger & bigger and pretty soon we’re not all going to be able to fit around the couch to take a picture.

One of my favorite things is that everyone gathers in the kitchen and even though we’re a very large family and the kitchen is not as big as when we were little, its still one of my favorite things when everyone comes over. Of course everyone goes around sampling the food until everyone gets here, but its the conversations and moments that happen while everyone is together that are my favorite.

We also started a new tradition this year, we decided to light a tree at the end of the night for our little guys. One, we are Muslim and we don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas BUT we do live here in the states where Christmas is a very big part of society, the culture and whats in our path every day for a good 6 weeks. While we will raise our boys to know the difference between what we celebrate and what the rest of the country celebrates, we still want them to feel apart of the season and know that even though we don’t celebrate the actual holiday we can still decorate and be festive just like everyone else. Both Moe & I as children were raised celebrating both Christmas and our Muslim holiday’s and traditions. We just want our boys to feel included in everything that’s in their environment as well. Plus we love the season, the joy of gifting, the festivities and Christmas lights.

Qais was so excited once we got it up & turned the lights one, he said with so much joy & excitement , “It’s Christmas mommy!” It was the sweetest thing Ive ever heard. Every morning he gets up turns the tree on and says okay now we can go to school.

This past week was filled with lots of snuggles with my little guys and some much needed R&R. I hope you’ll enjoy me sharing bits & pieces of our life with you guys on here. As a photographer I get welcomed into so many spaces to document and share big moments with families & friends. I want to share our moments with you all as well. More to come and more to be shared but for now here is a look at what our Thanksgiving looked like.

Layla Hillail