How to throw a kids Halloween lunch

When you have little ones & want to do cute things, you recruit the help of your amazing mama friends to work together! My friend Elizabeth had the cutest idea to put together a Halloween party for the kids & dress them up. It was seriously the best, minus the couple of disasters that happened- i.e. Qais running into the table & it basically taking him out. Don’t worry, he’s fine.

How we pulled it off- one of us made snacks, one hosted it in their home, one took pictures & we got balloons & cake for the lunch done. Bam- that’s how. No, kidding- my lovely friend from Three Fifty Bakehouse made us a delicious cake. My girl with Festivities TX always slays with balloons. Elizabeth hosted us in her home & Kristin helped out with snacks! I brought some props & my crazy kiddos.

We kept it simple & just about the kids. They got dressed up in their costumes, we let them be themselves & just rolled with it. Decor wise-we hit up dollar bins & made the food simple. Peanut butter apples with raisins, sandwiches, easy finger foods for the kids, quick cookies in the oven & you’re all set!

When it comes to throwing parties for kids, keep it simple & let them be. You don’t want to overwhelm them with something like this because I promise they’ll get bored really quickly. Wrangle in your mama friends & lets see your Halloween lunches!

We have more of these coming! What do you want to see, comment below!

Photos by: Elizabeth Jones