Weekends on the Beach

I am finally going to be sharing all of our past trips! I know they are way over due but I have so many pictures & I can only share so much on instagram.

Im going to start with one of our favorite places- THE BEACH!! We literally spend almost every weekend over the summer on the beach, I even took the boys one week over the summer & “escaped” for a bit. It was the best! I mean I guess you could call it a staycation but that would mean that we have one of those literally twice a month. Its our little slice of heaven. Funny thing is that my brother & I used to complain about having to go down there almost every weekend when we bought the house way back in 2008 but now we can’t wait for weekends like these & to be on the beach relaxing, even if its just for a day. Qais will ask to go at least once a week. Thing about having kids is you see things so differently & grow to love things the way they do.

We typically go to Surfside Beach here in Texas, which is near Freeport & about an hour from Galveston. While the island itself is small there’s so much to do! When we don’t cook at the house, we love going to Seahorse Grill, hanging out on the beach, going to the jetties and all in all just being at the beach makes life better! Seriously if you ever need to just escape, the beach is one of my favorite places to escape to. This particular weekend I spent it with a bunch of girlfriends & their kids! 3 moms & 6 kids one night & then my best gal and our boys the next day & some close family friends too! It was the best & seriously would love to relive that weekend over & over again. It was perfect! We definitely need to do it again! Also, if you thought you had to do s’mores only on an open flame-you’re wrong! Thank you Elizabeth for teaching me your magical ways!

Here are some pictures from one of our favorite weekends down there!

If you’re ever in need of advice on where to stay or what to do, just ask! We own several properties on the island & I would love to host you in our home away from home!

Layla Hillail