Becky’s story is one of my favorites. So beautiful. I want people to come out of their shell & tell me something so deep & so personal & to share their story with the world. This project is so meaningful to me and I want these women to realize how beautiful they are no matter what their story is.

I am the youngest of 5 kids, 3 girls 2 boys. Growing up my sisters were my idol. I would follow them everywhere like a shadow in the night, dress up in their clothes and watch them put on make up so I could look like them. When they reached teenage years they were absolutely beautiful with long slender legs, their ocean blue eyes sparkled and their silky blonde hair was always perfect. Boys were always knocking at the door for them begging to take them out on a date and I wanted to be just like my sisters, a boy magnet.  As I became a teenager, I was not anything like my sisters. I was always the tall and frumpy girl that had to be in the back with the boys. Instead of boys magnetizing to me, they ran the opposite direction and fast. When I liked a boy, I was always put in the friend zone and would just dream what it would be like to have a boyfriend. When I was 18, I feel in love and fell hard. It was the kind of love that took your breath away. I knew I wanted to be with him forever and really stuck through the good, bad and ugly. Our 7 years of off and on felt like forever. During that time he killed any self confidence I had and I never thought a man would ever want me better yet love me. As I would walk in the room, I felt like men only looked at me because I was tall, frumpy and the freak show of the night. When I met my husband 10 years ago all that changed. He looked at me like no one ever has. He saw a tall beautiful smart women who would love him for who he was. He saw a future in me and wanted to start our lives together. He never made me feel ugly and has always complimented my insecurities as he saw them as assets. Today I am happily married with three beautiful kids and a wonderful loving husband. When I walk into a room today, my husband holds my hand tight as he is proud of his trophy wife. Learning to love who I am has been a journey and what a wonderful one it has been.  

Clothing provided by: Belle Lee’s

Makeup: Lauren Belter

Hair: Sonnie Mans