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Hydra Melody Concert

This was one of the most awesome experiences I've ever encountered. My good friend Chelsie & I were traveling to New York for some shoots, while we were taxing waiting for the plane to take off I was sitting next to this dapper dude & knew he had to be some kind of musician. We got to chatting & turns out that him & his band were traveling to New York for the Get out of the Garage competition. Come to find out, they were a local Texas band from San Antonio - needless to say, Matt (the drummer) & I hit it off really nicely! They invited us to go watch them play &&& we got to take our cameras in & shoot them while they played an awesome set.

Hydra Melody guys-it was so wonderful meeting you guys! We had such an awesome time & it was a great way to kick off our trip to New York!! Chelsie & I can't wait to go back & hope to run into you guys again! Keep up all of the amazing work, can't wait to hear y'alls new album!!!













My home away from home ~ Studio, Le Zu Photography

For quite some time now all I've been wanting to do is open a studio; a place where I can meet clients, a place to for me to be able to do certain type of shoots and a place to call my own. Reality finally set in a couple of months ago when I found the perfect little spot. You may or may not know, I grew up in the Martial Arts industry and until I started doing photography that was all I knew. My parents opened up their first Martial Arts facility in the Clear Lake area 19 years ago this June and it was mine & my brother's home away from home. As the years went on we opened up two more facilities and our main location in Clear Lake grew, we added more buildings and are still expanding. With our expansion, a few years ago, my parents built a nice size office in the back of our main facility and it wasn't really used much. I finally got the courage to ask if I could move in and without hesitation they both said yes. It was definitely something that I had been waiting a long time to do so I was beyond excited that my dream was actually coming true. I started planning it out in my head back in December and all I had to do was wait for the current tenant to move out completely and I could move in. Once April hit I was ready. I moved in and it became my new home away from home. The best part about it is that I grew up on the grounds where my studio is located so I couldn't be happier about my location. Its definitely my little slice of heaven.

I am beyond blessed that I was able to open up my studio and now have a place to do the things I have envisioned for this next step for my company. I hope you enjoy the tour, in photos, of my studio. You'll definitely need to come visit in person though!


Studio hours are by appointment only, if you'd like to come have a private tour don't hesitate to ask! :)

Concert @ Café Byblos ~ Le Zu Photography ~

Hello my darlings!!!

A little over a week ago, I had the esteemed pleasure of photographing a fabulous concert!! Café Byblos, in Houston always host's the best events!! This particular event was a concert with some Arabic superstars!! The super stars were Elie Massaad, Dina Hayek & Mr. Ramy Ayach, these artists put on an amazing show! I want to thank Café Byblos, Mr. Maroun & Ms. Rula for hosting such an amazing event! I can't wait until the next one!

xoxo ~ Layla