Styled Shoot with Nneka ~ Le Zu Photography

I couldn't be more happy with the way this styled shoot came out. So much went into this shoot & I couldn't be more grateful to everyone that helped to make it possible!!

Some background information:

If I could travel the world, designing and doing styled shoots I would!! (I'm even starting to incorporate custom/personalized shoots for my clients.) It's one of my dreams to collaborate with various designers and artists and come up with amazing styled shoots to be featured in various magazines and online forums. I love seeing my vision come to life! While I was designing this shoot, the more I designed it the more detailed it became. It took over a month of designing and working on the details of the shoot for it to come to life but I do have to say that it was well worth it!

Details about the shoot:

There were so many details that went into this shoot!! Lets start off with the props! The set was vintage inspired and not necessarily a particular period, just vintage. I used my favorite white couch, along with some panels that I custom made myself - I've become a part time carpenter by the way - I LOVE birdcages and found one that was perfect! I even custom made the headpiece that Nneka is wearing in a few of the shots. Yes, Im crafty!! I also used one of my great-grandmother's tea sets along with a phone that she used to have in her house. No shoot of mine would be complete without COLOR!!! So, I sat and thought what would make this shoot even more amazing and it hit me...MACARONS & CUPCAKES!! I have to thank my dear friend, Sukaina of Macarons by Patisse for the amazing macarons & cupcakes!! Not only were they the perfect touch for the shoot but everything tasted uh-MA-zing!!!! The macarons melt in your mouth and the cupcakes were perfect!! I have to say I'm not a huge fan of sweets but I'll eat her macarons all day, any day!! And then just to add some more life to the shoot I decided to add lots of little details.

I have to thank my amazing model Nneka because without her gorgeous face this wouldn't have happened!! Nneka, you're so amazing and gorgeous! I am so happy I got to work with you! I had to refrain myself from editing her entire film because it was that amazing!!

I have to thank my wonderful friend Justin for doing the behind the scenes video!! It will be up soon!! So hang tight!!

I have to thank my amazing brother for helping me carry everything to & from the shoot...he's the muscles in the house so I had to use him! ;)

Everyones contribution to this shoot is beyond appreciated!! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this shoot, you are truly amazing!

I think that's enough rambling!! Now time for some pictures!!! Enjoy!!! xo layla :)

Many Thanks!!! Photographer: Layla Hillail, Le Zu Photography Videographer: Justin Roelant Model: Nneka M. Tasty Treats: Macarons by Patisse Hair & Makeup: Layla Hillail Set Desginer: Layla Hillail Props: Various Stores & Heirlooms