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Hannah & Josh's Sunrise Session ~ Galveston Photographer ~ Le Zu Photography

This beautiful couple braved getting up before the sun rose on Sunday morning, drove down to Galveston to meet up with me and well the end result was just perfect. Even though we were all running on very little sleep, Josh worked late the night before and I had pretty much just wrapped up a wedding a couple hours earlier we still had our game faces on!

Hannah & Josh, Thank you for braving the windy, cloudy morning it was well worth spending the morning with you guys! You guys are truly wonderful! Can't wait to photograph you guys again in August! Much love!! Layla

**Andddd seperateeeee!!!** ;)

Bayo & Abiola ~ Engagement Session ~ Le Zu Photography

This beautiful Nigerian couple was so much fun to work with!! We started off our morning on the beach and then ventured over to another location. I had such a wonderful time photographing and getting to know this beautiful couple! Bayo & Abby, Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your love! I hope you guys have a beautiful wedding!! Much love! Layla

My home away from home ~ Studio, Le Zu Photography

For quite some time now all I've been wanting to do is open a studio; a place where I can meet clients, a place to for me to be able to do certain type of shoots and a place to call my own. Reality finally set in a couple of months ago when I found the perfect little spot. You may or may not know, I grew up in the Martial Arts industry and until I started doing photography that was all I knew. My parents opened up their first Martial Arts facility in the Clear Lake area 19 years ago this June and it was mine & my brother's home away from home. As the years went on we opened up two more facilities and our main location in Clear Lake grew, we added more buildings and are still expanding. With our expansion, a few years ago, my parents built a nice size office in the back of our main facility and it wasn't really used much. I finally got the courage to ask if I could move in and without hesitation they both said yes. It was definitely something that I had been waiting a long time to do so I was beyond excited that my dream was actually coming true. I started planning it out in my head back in December and all I had to do was wait for the current tenant to move out completely and I could move in. Once April hit I was ready. I moved in and it became my new home away from home. The best part about it is that I grew up on the grounds where my studio is located so I couldn't be happier about my location. Its definitely my little slice of heaven.

I am beyond blessed that I was able to open up my studio and now have a place to do the things I have envisioned for this next step for my company. I hope you enjoy the tour, in photos, of my studio. You'll definitely need to come visit in person though!


Studio hours are by appointment only, if you'd like to come have a private tour don't hesitate to ask! :)

Porsche & Kelvin Engagement Session ~ Houston Engagement Photographer ~ Le Zu Photography




So I have to tell you all, after you've looked at their gorgeous photos, how Mr. Kelvin proposed. It wasn't your typical proposal. Kelvin decided that instead of asking Porsche first, he needed to get the permission from her family. So Kelvin, hoped in the car with his soon to be mother-in-law and drove around Texas talking to Porsche's family and asking for their permission to marry her. I have to say, Porsche is one lucky girl! I would feel so honored if my future husband traveled every where I had family to ask to marry me. Once Kelvin got everyone's blessing he then proposed to Porsche, she was of course eating a bowl of cereal in the process and he surprised her like no other. They are beyond cute together and I know they are going to have many blessed years together!

Porsche & Kelvin,

I wish you two all of the happiness in the world!! I know you guys are going to have many wonderful years to come!!

xo! layla

Mariko & Jamal, Couple's Session ~ Le Zu Photography

I adore this next lady, we worked together on a shoot one time and we instantly clicked! She's super sweet & her fella isn't half bad either! ;)She contacted me with some super exciting news and asked if we could do a couple of shoots together. I was super excited because of course I love nothing more than being behind the camera! This first shoot is to help announce her exciting news but you have to scroll through the photos to find out what it is.

I won't hold you much longer to find out what her news is!

I asked Jamal to show me his best "swag" and this is what happened! We definitely had a good laugh! ;)

So when Mariko contacted me, she asked me if we could do something a little special. She requested 3 different shoots; one now, one later on & one when her little bundle of joy is born!! Yes, this lovely lady is expecting!!! When she told me I was first off so excited for her & second extremely excited for the different shoots! We brainstormed a few ideas and I have to say I can't wait to 'til the other shoots! We decided to do something simple for this shoot and just make it a couple's session to help announce her pregnancy. We had a great time and I couldn't be happier for her & her man!

Mariko & Jamal, I'm so happy for you guys!! I had a fabulous time with you two & Rocko, he's going to make a great big brother!! Can't wait 'til the other shoots too!!! Much love!! xo layla

Here's the little announcement, their baby is the size of a lime!! Pretty cute baby huh???

3 years! ~ Le Zu Photography

Hello beautiful people!!!

So with last weeks exciting news, I have some more amazing news to share!!!

Le Zu Photography is celebrating 3 years in business!! Wow!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how blessed I have been! I have had some amazing clients over the past 3 years and I couldn't be more grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way! I want to thank everyone who has helped to make my dreams come true and to everyone whose life I been so fortunate to be apart of to capture memories for many years to come! I absolutely, positively LOVE EACH & EVERY ONE OF MY CLIENTS!! You guys are utterly amazing and I wouldn't be where I am today without you!

In addition to Le Zu turning 3 years old I have decided to do a 2 month special for all of you!! Now just because it's running for 2 months, doesn't mean you need to wait until the last day to book your session. Trust me, my schedule books up extremely fast and I wouldn't want you to miss any opportunity!

For all of you lovely people, I am offering an amazing deal! $300 off any wedding package that I offer AS WELL AS 30% off any event or session package!! HURRY!! DON'T WAIT!! BOOK YOUR SESSION BEFORE TIME & SPACES RUN OUT!!! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Much love!!! xo Layla

Bryan & Cristina, Engagement Session ~ Houston Lifestyle Photographer, Le Zu Photography

I absolutely adore this next couple!! They were so amazing the day of their session, not only did we have a gorgeous day they even let me use test out some new poses & spots for their shoot! We started off on a ledge & ended their session on a rooftop! It was definitely a great session!

Bryan & Cristina,

You guys are SO amazing!!! Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your engagement session!!! I had such a great time with you guys! :)

Much love!! xo Layla

Matt & Krystal, Engagement Session ~ Houston Lifestyle Photographer, Le Zu Photography

Love is such a beautiful thing and to be able to capture it on camera is what I love to do! This next couple was so amazing! We went to Kemah for their shoot and I didn't realize it was Mardi Gras, so we had to duck & dodge a massive amount of people but we were able to get some amazing shots! Everyone around us was kind enough to wait and until we got the shots we needed, at one point there were people around us telling Matt to give his lovely lady a big kiss which of course he did!

Matt & Krystal,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your love!! I hope you guys have a beautiful wedding!! Party the night away and I hope your lives together is filled with an abundance of love, happiness and prosperity!

Much love! xo Layla

What girl, doesn't want a princess kiss in the middle of Kemah?!!

Maisha & Jyric Maternity Session ~ Houston Lifestyle Photographer, Le Zu Photographer

I absolutely LOVE everything about this next session! Everything turned out perfectly! We had a gorgeous day, the colors they wore were perfect and of course her little bump was precious!! Maternity sessions are one of my favorite sessions because the mama is always glowing and of course her hubby will love on her as much as possible! I think these images prove just that.

Maisha & Jyric,

You guys are super adorable and I had such a blast capturing your joy! I can't wait to meet little Sabriya, I know she's going to be perfect!! :)

Year in review ~ Le Zu Photography

WOW, what a year!!! I don't even know where to start!! I want to first say that I have been truly blessed this year, my business has grown so much and is still growing! I have been so very grateful for all of the amazing clients I have had over the past year and no session was ever the same. I was exposed to so many different clients and I have been so happy for each and every opportunity that came my way. This year was a very trying year for me and I am happy to say that I pulled through and came out even stronger than before. It has been a lot of trial and error and finding out what works and what doesn't definitely takes time and I think Im happy to say that even though Im still very much learning a lot I think I have finally found what works for me and my company.

I hope to continue to grow my company more and more each day and be blessed and honored to photograph more beautiful faces along the way! I can't wait to see what 2013 brings and hoping that it brings everyone health, happiness and prosperity!! It has truly been an honor to work with all of the amazing people I worked with over the past year. I started off last year with a 50th wedding anniversary for one of the sweetest couples I have ever met and I will be ending it today with a family session! Below are just some of the sessions I shot over the year, if I put all of them up you guys would be here too long. ;) I definitely grew a lot as an artist and can't wait to grow even more!

I will be starting off 2013 with some personal projects and a wedding!!! Im super excited and can't wait! Im ready to share with you all the next chapter in my life as well as in the people that I meet along the way.

I hope you all have an amazing New Year and live each and everyday as it was meant to be lived, to the fullest!

I want to leave you all with this: Smile every where you go, laugh when unnecessary, cry when needed, hug a little harder even if its too tight, kiss those whom you love longer and just be YOU! The world needs more people like the one you are. Happy New Year Everyone!! xo~Layla

Jessica & Eugene, Engagement Session ~ Le Zu Photography, Galveston, TX. ~

I absolutely love everything about beach sessions! To me, the beach is one of the most romantic places to take photographs and I love that my past few clients have all opted for beach sessions! This sweet couple and I had such a great time capturing their love and I can't wait to capture their big day as well!!

Jessica & Eugene you guys are absolutely adorable and I am so happy you chose me to photograph you guys! Much love! ~xo Layla

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