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If you follow me on Facebook you've probably seen this gorgeous face before as I sneak peeks of her shoot. I photographed the gorgeous Brooke back in December when I went to New York, she was such a doll to work with! A couple of friends and I got together and shot her in the various lingerie provided by Angela Friedman and I have to say the shoot was a huge success! I love boudoir styled photography, it allows for women to just be themselves and feel extra sexy! ;)

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Clothing: Angela Friedman Styling: Marta Mordisquitos Hair: Michelle Ross Makeup: Desiree Guerrero Location: New York

Three Nails Workshop ~ Alice in Wonderland

Two weeks ago today, I was wrapping up the last day of the Three Nails Photography workshop. I can't put into words how amazing the experience was and how invigorating it was to learn from so many talented people, especially Hunter. Hunter is one of my biggest inspirations and I LOVE his work, being able to learn from him was truly amazing. I met so many talented photographers at this workshop and we all instantly clicked which was wonderful! I hope I get to work with them all again during my journey as a photographer, until then Im going to work my butt off fulfilling my dream and ever lasting desire to be a world class photographer.

Here are some sneak peeks at the various shoots that we did.

Engagement session:

Bridal Session:

Best Man & Maid of honor from the wedding portion:

This workshop would not have happened without: Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography with his creative vision & direction. Makeup artist, Meka with Meka with Motives without her talented hands everyone would look plain & blah. Kirstie Kelly Collections for the amazing wedding dresses. Untamed Petals for their gorgeous headpieces. Pursing Eden for the set design and props that adorned our table. Rampage Farms in Hooks, TX, for hosting & allowing us to use their stunning property.