Dana's Smash the Cake ~ Houston Lifestyle Photographer ~ Le Zu Photography

This was the most bittersweet session I think I've ever done! As my nieces 1st birthday fastly approached, I HAD to take her 1 year photos. I wouldn't have it any other way. However, I still can't believe she's 1. Time truly flies, faster than necessary sometimes. My cousin packed up her girls and made the long trek down to my house. We technically only live 45 minutes away from each other but with Houston's traffic & two toddlers it took her a while to make it down to me. Once, she made it down we headed to the park to take pictures cause you can't take pictures of one and not the other! Then, we ventured back to my house and I sat Dana in front of the camera and let her have at the cake. Just to see the joy on her face while we were taking her pictures and she was eating cake made me love her even more. Her & her sister are my world and I couldn't be more grateful to be their aunt.

So without further ado, my sweet baby Dana's Smash the Cake session! :)