Jihan & Rafe's Wedding ~ Houston Wedding Photographer ~ Le Zu Photography

This beautiful couple tied the knot a little over a month ago and I have to say I was very honored to have photograph their wedding. It was so sweet and special! Jihan & I became great friends throughout the time of talking about her wedding and awaiting her big day! I even photographed her Mehndi (Henna Party). Even though this post is short & sweet, it was definitely one of the most special weddings I have have the privilege of photographing.

We started out the day by having their traditional Islamic Ceremony followed by the wedding in the evening. For those of you that don't know much about Islamic Ceremonies, I'll explain as we go. :)

In the SouthEast Asian Culture, women adorned their hands and feet with henna which substituted as gold. It is said the darker the henna, the more blessed your marriage is. If you've ever had henna done you know how messy it gets, so you can only imagine how long you'd have to leave it on for it to be super dark. 

During the ceremony, the men & women are separated. The head Sheikh (Imann) does all of the talking, with a sermon followed by a couple of questions for the groom and the bride's father. The groom has to ask permission right then and there in-front of everyone for the bride's hand in marriage and with the father's blessing they two are wed. 

And now onto the wedding portion...

In order for the groom to enter the hall, he has to "pay a toll". He has a "financial advisor" negotiating his way into the hall. He has to agree to pay a certain amount of money for the bride and once the bride's family agrees, he's in! This was so fun to watch! 


Jihan & Rafe,

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your special day! I wish you two a blessed marriage filled with love, prosperity and an abundance of happiness!!

Photographer: Layla Hillail, Le Zu Photography

Venue: Hilton SouthWest

Hijab: Hijab Couture