Let's Fight!!

Not sure if you know but my family owns several Martial Art schools & a fully equipped gym, so I grew up in the fighting/karate world. Its actually a really neat world to be apart of. My brother is a professional boxer, amateur MMA fighter, Jiu Jitsu enthusiast & a well rounded martial artist. I also grew up doing the martial arts, but Im retired now-yes I know it sounds silly but I really am. At our gym last night, we were graced with a killer girl from Brazil who is making her UFC debut July 26th in a brand new weight class. How cool is that?!! I think its pretty awesome. Its not every day that you get to meet people at the beginning of their career & then later say when their all big & bad, I know them! Like I actually know & have trained with them.

You're probably thinking, what does fighting have to do with MY photography page? A few things actually, its a personal thing that I love & its apart of my everyday life. There are many people who actually shoot fighter's for a living and they rock! My personal favorite is Ryan Loco, Im always inspired how he started and where his talent has taken him. I always like challenging myself and shooting something different, something that I know but look at differently now that Im on the sidelines. And any excuse to show off my kick ass brother & his raw talent is always a good enough excuse for pictures! (He used to hate me taking pictures of him, now thats all he wants me to do. I guess persistence pays off.)

So with that said, I hope you enjoy these photos & don't forget to watch Ju Thai on July 26th kill during her fight!












Fighters: Ju Thai juthaimma.com

Omar Hillail

Facility: V12 Sports & Fitness League City, TX