Let's get foxy!


Valentine's Day is just around the corner & I have the perfect gift for you to give your man!!! Jaw-dropping photos that he'll cherish forever!!!

What woman doesn't want to feel sexy & watch her man droll over photos that show a little more. I can promise you one thing, neither of you will be unsatisfied. ;)

lezuphotography_0034 copy


Will anyone ever see these photos?
-Nope photos will stay completely private, unless you wish to share them yourself. 
Where do the photos take place?
-ANYWHERE!! Its all up to you! But I do have a private studio to take pictures in.
Can I host a party?
-Heck yes you can!! Its always awesome to get a group of gals together, gab about our men & get some sexy pictures while you're at it!
Im not confident in my body, I really don't want to show to much.
-Shut the front door! You're beautiful! God made curves, embrace them!! I do! 
What do I wear?
-Whatever you want! Anything goes-sexy lingerie, comfy sweater, mans button down, favorites jersey, nothing at all! Its all your call!
Where do I book my session?
-EPPPP!!! Go to the contact page && fill it out!! I'll be on the other end waiting!! :D