// pablo & edith ~ le zu photography ~ houston engagement photographer

over the summer, i received a call from pablo asking if i could do photos of him and at the time girlfriend edith. of course i said yes. when i called to confirm all of the details and asked if there was anything specific that i needed to be aware of during the shoot, he said, "yes, im proposing at the end of the night." i literally jumped for joy! who wouldn't want to photograph a surprise engagement! when we met up for their session, i had to keep my cool and act as if nothing was going to happen. its a good thing im a good secret keeper! ;)

as the sun started to set, we made our way to the restaurant that pablo wanted to propose at but the lighting was horrible and the bartender was not wanting to help us out. i stepped outside of the restaurant and looked at the various restaurants we had available and decided to try batanga. just from a first glance, i knew this was the restaurant. i asked them to wait outside while i talked to the owner. i explained to the owner the situation and they said of course! whatever you need! extremely pleased, i said outside would be best, under the umbrellas and a bottle of wine please. without hesitation they seated the couple and i started doing what i do best. i gave pablo the signal that whenever he was ready to go ahead, he got down on one knee, shocked edith and she screamed yes!

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