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My trip to Puerto Rico ~ Le Zu Photography ~

A little while back my family & I took a trip to Puerto Rico and it was amazing!! I actually didn't want to leave! The water was so blue, the atmosphere was so relaxing and the people were wonderful! Instead of taking my regular camera that I use on most sessions, I decided to grab my 35mm film camera and go back to basics. I have to say I wish I would have taken full advantage of my trip and taken a lot more photos, oh well hopefully next trip. :) Most of you probably don't know but I actually learned on a 35mm film camera and eventually switched over to digital, at first I didn't like the switch but of course everyone ends up loving the instant gratification of seeing work but I loved the anticipation of waiting to see what came out. It took me forever & a day to get these images developed but I have to say that I am 100% happy I waited. I will definitely be using my film camera more often now because I have greatly missed the texture and quality the cameras produce. These images have very little post-production involved and are basically straight from my negatives. I hope you enjoy and hopefully the next trip I take I will pull out my camera more and share all the wonderful things I get to see. :)

Enjoy! ~xo Layla

               Around the city

El castillo del Moro

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Don't forget about the Black Friday Sale going on, it ends on Monday the 26th. Book your session before there are no more dates left!!! ~xo Layla