// welcoming b a b y zoe ~ le zu photography

giving birth is one of those miracles that will never cease to amaze me. it is one of the most beautiful things that i have ever witnessed and i am so privileged to have been able to witness the birth of this beautiful baby girl.

i was laying down in bed one sunday morning when my phone went off, i answered it and corey told me tiffany had been admitted to the hospital and they were getting ready for baby zoe's arrival. i jumped out of bed, got dressed, grabbed a cup of joe and went to the hospital. i knew it was going to be a fast-paced sort of thing so i was mentally preparing myself. originally corey told me it was probably going to be a while but then i got a call about 30 minutes later saying its going to be sooner rather than later. as soon as i got the hospital, tiffany was ready to go and i got my stuff ready and started shooting. it was so surreal to be photographing a birth, granted i've been in the room when babies have been born but not ever photographing. tiffany is a trooper, this is her second baby about 12 years apart and she went into labor no drugs, no epidural, nothing. all i have to say is she rocks! it was such an emotional couple of hours but it was beautiful. once zoe was born it was bliss from then. everyone was in tears. corey couldn't stop admiring his baby girl, tiffany was smiling from ear to ear, jasmine was taking it all in and grandparents were full of joy.

tiffany & corey, i am so happy you chose me to capture the birth of your sweet baby girl. i can't wait to watch her grow up and see how beautiful she becomes. love you guys! her newborns will appear in the next couple weeks on the blog so be sure to be on the lookout.

please welcome baby zoe!!!! xxx

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