Taylor reminds me of me when I was in school, same scenario, same point in my college career. Women are strong no matter what this world throws at them. I admire her for being so strong and being able to participate in this project. Taylor, never give up, keep going- your grandfather would have never wanted you to stop. Stay strong & remember all of the good times with him.

This semester of school hasn’t been easy for me and we’re already 5 weeks in. I thought I would be able to handle 17 hours, but these 17 hours are handling me. I’m constantly tired and I’ve been stressed since the first day of school. I had the motivation to finish since the moment I found out I’m scheduled to graduate in December. I’ve reached my point of patience with school. I want my degree and I want to talk about sports for the rest of my life. I watched my grandfather take his last breath a couple days ago and I’m still numb to it all, it’s still fresh. The moment it happened I knew that everything I would do for the rest of my life would be for God and for him. He’s my motivation because I know he’s still proud of me.

Clothing provided by: Luxie Plum

Makeup by: Lauren Belter