Part 2 of 7

We wanted to feature women of all backgrounds, all shapes, all skin tones and all in all tell the story of these women. Every woman has a story to tell and every woman has a struggle that they face in life. There’s something about it that I want the world to know. Women are making a fight to stand out in this world and we want to be heard. Magazines have always put a label on how we need to look and while fuller women may be body conscious, thinner women also have the same thing. I personally have struggled with my body ever since I was little and I try so hard to be happy with how I am but I know I could be better. I want to tell so many stories of women today. We are leaders, we are artists, we are teachers, we all have a story to tell in some form or fashion. Please meet our second lady of this project, Casandra.

 My whole life I have been petite which I have learned to love and embrace...THIS IS WHO I AM. On a daily basis people comment, "you are so tiny" , "you  should eat a cheeseburger", "I know a girl that did this to gain weight, it may work for you.....".  Why?  Why is it not ok to be built like me? As a stylist, I see people of all shapes and sizes daily prodominatly women and let me say YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.  I pride myself in trying to build people up because I know we are all our own worst Critic. I haven't always been as supportive as I am now to other women. After becoming a wife and a mother I learned we all need that support, that reminder that you are beautiful, you are loved and you a special to someone.

Clothing provided by: Luxie Plum

Hair by: Sonnie Mans

Makeup by: Lauren Belter