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Here is our final lady of the project, she is certainly not the least. I love her vibe & how beautiful she is!

Here is Ashley’s story:

The reason I chose to participate in the photo shoot is because, I wanted to showcase the ability to be many things at once. I am a Mother of two beautiful babies. I am a wife. I am a sister and a daughter. Last year I was promoted to a new posistion as The Vice President of operations for a Boutique commercial Real Estate development firm. I have felt as though l am not the stereo typical choice for this role. But my boss saw something in me that made him feel I was capable, and in this mostly conservative working environment, I challenge the standard. I am so proud to be multi-faceted. I love being able to wear many hats. I can be in a conference room with investors dressed nicely at work... I can be on-site with contractors in jeans, a hard hat and boots. I can be at home with my kids cooking dinner in yoga pants, or I can be in leather, ready to hop on the back of my husbands Harley. I think all too often as women we are trying to adhere to a standard that is set forth by someone else and I loved the idea that I don’t have to choose one thing.  I can have it all. I owe this realization to my Husband who has empowered me to be everything I’ve ever wanted to be and supported me through each new role. I think it’s so invaluable to have someone who loves and supports me unconditionally and makes me feel as though anything is possible. I hope this project empowers women to embrace all of their different sides and own all of their many roles. 

Thank you for making all of us feel beautiful! 

Thank you to all of the beautiful women that shared their story with us you will forever have a special place in my heart. To all of the women out there, I want to tell your story- your hopes, your dreams, your struggles, your outlook. Let me tell it.

Hair by : Sonnie Mans

Makeup by: Lauren Belter


Sukaina, you are a beautiful soul and one of the hardest workers I know. You are such a dear friend and I admire you so much.

Life did not go the way I planned.  And trust me, I'm a planner.  I knew when I was going to graduate with my phD, get married, and have each of my children.  I soon realized but did not graciously accept the fact that the universe had another plan for me altogether.  I was married and divorced within a short period of time, was not able to complete my graduate studies, and was living in a completely different country.  I am a Canadian born, Pakistani descent, now living in America as an entrepreneur.  My journey led me to partnering with my younger brother and founding Houston's Premiere MACARON boutique, which now has multiple locations.  This life journey was definitely a path I didn't intend to take, but in retrospect, I now see that I was destined for a different path: this path.  And I couldn't be happier.

This project has become one of my favorites that Ive ever worked on. We have one more to share with you all & I cannot wait.

Hair by: Sonnie Mans

Makeup by: Lauren Belter


Becky’s story is one of my favorites. So beautiful. I want people to come out of their shell & tell me something so deep & so personal & to share their story with the world. This project is so meaningful to me and I want these women to realize how beautiful they are no matter what their story is.

I am the youngest of 5 kids, 3 girls 2 boys. Growing up my sisters were my idol. I would follow them everywhere like a shadow in the night, dress up in their clothes and watch them put on make up so I could look like them. When they reached teenage years they were absolutely beautiful with long slender legs, their ocean blue eyes sparkled and their silky blonde hair was always perfect. Boys were always knocking at the door for them begging to take them out on a date and I wanted to be just like my sisters, a boy magnet.  As I became a teenager, I was not anything like my sisters. I was always the tall and frumpy girl that had to be in the back with the boys. Instead of boys magnetizing to me, they ran the opposite direction and fast. When I liked a boy, I was always put in the friend zone and would just dream what it would be like to have a boyfriend. When I was 18, I feel in love and fell hard. It was the kind of love that took your breath away. I knew I wanted to be with him forever and really stuck through the good, bad and ugly. Our 7 years of off and on felt like forever. During that time he killed any self confidence I had and I never thought a man would ever want me better yet love me. As I would walk in the room, I felt like men only looked at me because I was tall, frumpy and the freak show of the night. When I met my husband 10 years ago all that changed. He looked at me like no one ever has. He saw a tall beautiful smart women who would love him for who he was. He saw a future in me and wanted to start our lives together. He never made me feel ugly and has always complimented my insecurities as he saw them as assets. Today I am happily married with three beautiful kids and a wonderful loving husband. When I walk into a room today, my husband holds my hand tight as he is proud of his trophy wife. Learning to love who I am has been a journey and what a wonderful one it has been.  

Clothing provided by: Belle Lee’s

Makeup: Lauren Belter

Hair: Sonnie Mans


You don’t have to wear ballgowns & tiaras to feel beautiful. Some of us feel beautiful in jeans and sweaters & some of us feel beautiful with no makeup on. Less is more kind of a feel. Jennafer was one of my favorites to photograph. She is effortlessly beautiful and was down for about anything we threw at her. This project is about feeling beautiful in your own skin, accepting your body the way it is and all in all being yourself.

From the eyes of her daughter: Jennafer Woitena, my mother, has accomplished more in her 36 years of living than most individuals accomplish in their entire life. As a child she was a star athlete which lead her to play softball and basketball at Wesleyan College. At the young age of 21 she became a police officer in order to protect the general public. Throughout her career she has been one of the top performing traffic officers all while simultaneously being a loving mother to four children. Recently, she was chosen as one of the few to be apart of the bomb squad for her department. Some of her passions include spending time with her family, skydiving, and playing rugby for a local women’s league.

From Jennafer: I would be doing an injustice to the entire reasoning behind this photo shoot if I did not mention my Mother. She by far makes it possible for my family to be able to do everything we do. At the drop of a hat she is there for me and my family. A 5am wake up call to watch the boys so I can go to work is a weekly thing and i never hear a gripe. If I can be half the mother she is I will consider that a WIN. 

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Makeup by: Lauren Belter

Hair by: Sonnie Mans


Taylor reminds me of me when I was in school, same scenario, same point in my college career. Women are strong no matter what this world throws at them. I admire her for being so strong and being able to participate in this project. Taylor, never give up, keep going- your grandfather would have never wanted you to stop. Stay strong & remember all of the good times with him.

This semester of school hasn’t been easy for me and we’re already 5 weeks in. I thought I would be able to handle 17 hours, but these 17 hours are handling me. I’m constantly tired and I’ve been stressed since the first day of school. I had the motivation to finish since the moment I found out I’m scheduled to graduate in December. I’ve reached my point of patience with school. I want my degree and I want to talk about sports for the rest of my life. I watched my grandfather take his last breath a couple days ago and I’m still numb to it all, it’s still fresh. The moment it happened I knew that everything I would do for the rest of my life would be for God and for him. He’s my motivation because I know he’s still proud of me.

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Makeup by: Lauren Belter


Part 2 of 7

We wanted to feature women of all backgrounds, all shapes, all skin tones and all in all tell the story of these women. Every woman has a story to tell and every woman has a struggle that they face in life. There’s something about it that I want the world to know. Women are making a fight to stand out in this world and we want to be heard. Magazines have always put a label on how we need to look and while fuller women may be body conscious, thinner women also have the same thing. I personally have struggled with my body ever since I was little and I try so hard to be happy with how I am but I know I could be better. I want to tell so many stories of women today. We are leaders, we are artists, we are teachers, we all have a story to tell in some form or fashion. Please meet our second lady of this project, Casandra.

 My whole life I have been petite which I have learned to love and embrace...THIS IS WHO I AM. On a daily basis people comment, "you are so tiny" , "you  should eat a cheeseburger", "I know a girl that did this to gain weight, it may work for you.....".  Why?  Why is it not ok to be built like me? As a stylist, I see people of all shapes and sizes daily prodominatly women and let me say YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.  I pride myself in trying to build people up because I know we are all our own worst Critic. I haven't always been as supportive as I am now to other women. After becoming a wife and a mother I learned we all need that support, that reminder that you are beautiful, you are loved and you a special to someone.

Clothing provided by: Luxie Plum

Hair by: Sonnie Mans

Makeup by: Lauren Belter