Sukaina, you are a beautiful soul and one of the hardest workers I know. You are such a dear friend and I admire you so much.

Life did not go the way I planned.  And trust me, I'm a planner.  I knew when I was going to graduate with my phD, get married, and have each of my children.  I soon realized but did not graciously accept the fact that the universe had another plan for me altogether.  I was married and divorced within a short period of time, was not able to complete my graduate studies, and was living in a completely different country.  I am a Canadian born, Pakistani descent, now living in America as an entrepreneur.  My journey led me to partnering with my younger brother and founding Houston's Premiere MACARON boutique, which now has multiple locations.  This life journey was definitely a path I didn't intend to take, but in retrospect, I now see that I was destined for a different path: this path.  And I couldn't be happier.

This project has become one of my favorites that Ive ever worked on. We have one more to share with you all & I cannot wait.

Hair by: Sonnie Mans

Makeup by: Lauren Belter